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Any of the prices listed below include the "General" Home Inspection, but includes looking for any signs of mold, and any possible signs of radon.  A free phone consultation can provide general information about any questions you may have about the home inspection process, and any mold or radon testing.

Duplexes & Condominiums:  Up to 900 S.F.:  $225

2 - 3 Bedroom Homes & Townhomes:  Up to 1500 S.F.:  $250

4 - 5 Bedroom Homes & Townhomes:  Up to 1700 S.F.:  $295

6 Bedroom Homes & Townhomes:  On up, please call for a price quote.

Note:  Any of the above prices will have an additional $25 added if the square footage goes over 100 S.F.

Travel Time:  If the travel time is over an hour, please call for a price quote.  Any Inspection over 35 miles is an additional $80.  (If an inspection goes over 2 hours, additional fees may be added.

Note:  All offices, dens, or other rooms with closets are counted as bedrooms.

To Return to an Original Inspection:  $100

Walk-Thru New Construction:  Up to 1300 S.F.:  $250

Pre-Inspections:  Up to 1300 S.F.:  $205

Mold Testing:  If time permits, a Mold Sampling may be done.  However, if time is limited, we may have to come back at a later time or date, and an additional fee may be added.

Mold and Allergen Testing:  If a mold-like substance is seen, it will be noted in the inspection report.  If the "type" of mold is to be found and tested, various tests can be performed.  These may be; Air-O-Cell, Swab, Tape, Bulk, BioCassette, and Dust.  The "Mold Protocol" also can be done by the home inspector giving detailed information on what mold tests were done, type(s) of mold that were found, and what is recommended for mold remediation.  These testing fees are an additional fee to the Home Inspection fees.

Mold and Allergen Inspection:  $295  (Up to 2 hours, if over, additional fee)  $295

Environmental Inspection:  $395  (Up to 2 hours, if over, additional fee)  $395

Mold Clearance:  $395

Lab Analysis Pricing:  (Turnaround Times)  72 Hours for standard (Per Sample, For 1 Sample):  $95.  24 Hours for faster results (Per sample, for 1 sample)  $145.  For Same day results (Per sample, for 1 sample)  $205.   Additional testing can be done as well; Call for a price.

Most Common Testing Methods:  Air-O-Cell, Swab, Tape.  If a (Bio-Cassette) test is chosen:  $185  (96 Hours)

Radon Testing:  According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.  The radioactive gas, commonly found in the soil, has become a major health concern for many home buyers.  Make sure the Home Inspector is familiar with EPA protocols and uses only approved equipment.

Radon Test Prices:  (For 2 Kits):  $180