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Ronald Meadows - Owner

A Little About Me:  I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and my mother worked at least 2 to 3 jobs to raise her 13 children.  I was a part of helping her raise my younger brothers and sisters, and will always remember her will to get each one of us a proper education.  I have had many jobs working for others, and one of my brothers who recently passed gave me the best advice a brother could give.  He told me that the best job you could have is working for yourself, and how much of a need there was for a honest Home Inspector.  I did my research, and did my education through several home inspection schools as well as the certifications which are listed previously in this website.  I have always believed in making my customers feel they are just like one of my family members, in that I treat them with the honesty and respect they deserve. 

Becky Meadows - General Manager

My wife, Becky, has been with me from the start of my decision to start my own business.  She is the one who takes many of my phone calls to set the appointments, checks and edits all my reports for me and sometimes goes out with me to the inspection sites.